Omniture Handheld Race Car 4th November, 2008

One of the coolest pieces of swag came from my friends Darrell Long and John Carcutt who attended a conference while I was stuck at home packing to relocate (which I did in the beginning of September). So I was happy to see that they saved a cool hand-held race car for me from Omniture:

The idea of this little toy is that the base of the race car includes the buttons to move the car forward and backward. For now, it’s a good base for displaying the car.

Thanks guys!

(Update: After about a week charging the thing, it doesn’t work!!!!! So hey, where’s a new one?) 😉

2 Responses to “Omniture Handheld Race Car”

  1. Chris says...

    The last section of the fortune cookie sized manual says:

    1. Do not over charge your micro car. You must take off the car from its charging position once the charging light is off. Prolonged charge increases the chance to burn out the microchip.

    It says it takes about 45 seconds to charge earlier in the manual.

    So there you have it, who would have thought two AA batteries would burn anything out.

    Hopefully you get a another one, especially if you have a cat, it will love chasing around the mouse sized car.

  2. Tamar Weinberg says...

    ha, shows how much I read 🙂 I actually watched it for a few minutes and nothing happened, so I stepped away. I guess it was broken to boot. The charging light actually never turned off.