Pens that Light Up 19th August, 2008

On the topic of pens, that’s always something the old businessfolk seem to consider an absolute necessity. Since I do just about everything over the computer but occasionally sign receipts and the like, I like pens but they’re not as handy as they used to be. Regardless, some are aesthetically pleasing and others are just purely functional. When it comes to pens, you really can’t have too many. 🙂

One of the cooler pens that I own is the light-up pen that I have from Landing Page Optimization firm Widemile:

On a similar note, thanks to Ty Downing, I posted about an earlier light-up pen that actually has Google written all over it. Here’s the better picture (once again, for nostalgia’s sake):

At South by Southwest, I got yet another blue light-up pen (which is great, because blue is my favorite color). This one came from film production site SAGIndie:

Are these all the light-up pens that I have? Not even close. However, this is all I seem to have photographs of at the moment. There will be more!

2 Responses to “Pens that Light Up”

  1. Ty says...

    Tamar, that Google pen I sent is like the gift that keeps on coming….One day you will be able to retire on your schwag you know…
    Oh, I just started following you on twitter 🙂


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