Are YOU Going to Vote? 28th October, 2008

Next week, Americans get to choose our next president. Hopefully, you’ve resolved to vote. WE Vote 08 is a site that empowers individuals with the tools and know how to make your decision. I hope you’re getting ready to hit the polls next Tuesday.

At a recent TechSet event (that is, a technology meet-up of entrepreneurs and innovators) in NYC, my friend Stephanie Agresta let it be known that she’s ready to vote with these pins:

Are YOU going to vote?

One Response to “Are YOU Going to Vote?”

  1. Stephanie Agresta says...

    Hello Tamar. From one schwagg addict to another….Thank you!!! WE Vote ’08 has been working to get women and women bloggers motivated and ready to vote! WE loved the schwagg.. very cool stickers, pins and those nifty jewelery bags the pin came in.

    I am thankfully for all the community support and for my colleagues on the project Howard Greenstein and Alexa Scordato. WEtv is committed to empowering women through public service projects like this one!

    As for my schwagg thing – well, as you know, I go to a lot of conferences. I do collect schwagg at each one (usually on last day of exhibit hall), but I keep almost none of it. I prefer to give it to my friends and family members that AREN’T in the internet industry.. they think it is super fab.. and it makes me feel good to give gifts to others. 🙂

    thanks again and have a great night!