This is a blog for me to highlight YOUR stuff. Whether it’s a company branded product (where the motivations of this blog originally stemmed from) or a product for review, I’ll blog about it for you. That’s the idea behind Schwag Addict. That’s the full disclosure. That’s the name of the game. I normally will also disclose whether it’s mailed to me or it was just something I picked up at a show (or even if a friend sent it to me) in the interest of giving you the skinny on where it came from. But the idea is that yes, if you send me something, be it a product or a piece of conference swag (which stands for “stuff we all get”), it will be reviewed on this site eventually, assuming it didn’t get destroyed in transit like that frisbee I got a few months ago (and the sender didn’t provide contact info, so I can’t apologize).

If you’re looking for some nice publicity (or free reputation management) and want to make someone smile, please email me directly via my contact form and we can discuss a review or giveaway of your product on my site.

Who am I?

My name is Tamar Weinberg. I’ve been a blogger since 2000 but visible in the online space covering social media marketing since 2006. You can find me on my regular blog at Techipedia. I’m also the Global Advertising Director of the media powerhouse, Mashable.

This site initally arose from a desire to go to every trade show and score as many promotional items as possible. I have a closet filled to the brim with the stuff. But truth be told, once I became a mommy, the visits to the trade shows stopped. (I did, however, quite enjoy everyone asking me for advice on “what’s the best conference schwag out there?”) As a mom, my focus shifted, and I started visiting those mom blogs in order to 1) learn how to be a better domestic diva 2) see what great products there were for my kids 3) see what great products there were for me! In 2012, I decided to take this site to another level to offer reviews and giveaways on the site.

My site isn’t like the other mom blogs out there. My roots simply aren’t in the mom blog arena. I’m not trying to be like the mom bloggers, though I admire them a ton. Since I started in marketing, I intend to continue using this blog to reach moms (I know where they’re at!) but also to reach my typical audience of online marketing enthusiasts and everyone in between.

You can learn more about me by joining my 36k+ followers on Twitter or my 10k+ subscribers on Facebook.

Thanks, and I look forward to updating my blog with your content!