Shoemoney Schwag 27th December, 2007

One of my inspirations to this whole schwag ordeal was Jeremy “Shoemoney” Schoemaker who sent me a box of Shoemoney and NextPimp goodness which I received over the weekend. Included within were a few shirts, pens, pads, and magnets:

Here’s me modeling the shirt that fits. (What’s with you guys sending me medium women shirts when my boobs are clearly bigger than that?!)


Here’s the other stuff. 🙂


Thanks Jeremy!

8 Responses to “Shoemoney Schwag”

  1. AreJayTee says...

    Im guessing its because they are clearly bigger 😉 Clever idea 🙂 found you through StumbleUpon.

  2. Tamar Weinberg says...

    Yeah, um, maybe I shouldn’t have volunteered that much information. 🙂

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    […] The “attitude” of every conference Tamar “Schwag Addict” Weinberg got the shoemoney hookup last week. I had someone send her a box of just about every shoemoney schwag we have. Everything from pens to notepads to shirts… She wrote about all the shoemoney schwag she got here. […]

  4. Chris says...

    On your about page you need to add size information like shoemoney does so we know what to send.

  5. Tamar Weinberg says...

    Thanks Chris – I definitely thought it was there but I guess not! 🙂 Will do!

  6. Affiliate Unleashed says...

    Cool site idea. I’ll be sending you a T-Shirt once we launch fully! 🙂

  7. Nicole says...

    That’s one cool idea 😀

    *Starts thinking about where she could get stuff too*


    And yeah, men love boobs but have no clue of sizing shirts to fit them in 😉

  8. Angela says...

    What a cool idea for a site! Found you through ShoeMoney. How fun to get schwag boxes, looks kinda like getting gifts all the time.. 🙂