bigmouthmedia Grab Bag 11th December, 2008

SEO firm bigmouthmedia, based in the UK, has some unique offerings for promotional materials. First, well, if you think of a big mouth, you may think of the chatterbox I featured on the blog awhile ago. But nope — there’s more:

There’s an umbrella (that I opened indoors):

There’s a lock:

There’s another chatterbox:

And a notebook:

And then, there’s a really cool mug!

How did this get to me? A big box that looked like it was for a poster arrived at my doorstep — from the United Kingdom, of course. My husband brought it upstairs:

3 Responses to “bigmouthmedia Grab Bag”

  1. Lisa Barone says...

    Aw, Brian’s a good sport. 🙂

  2. Tamar Weinberg says...

    He’s my package handler. 😉

  3. Andrew Girdwood says...

    Glad you liked the schwag! 🙂