Geek Culture on Your Fingers, Cuffs, Hair, or Ears 21st May, 2008

In probably one of the coolest ideas ever for a tech geek like myself, an awesome designer named Ricky has created the coolest wearable schwag (that isn’t clothing). 🙂 edm.designs is one of the most clever storefronts for one’s inner geek, and it certainly delivers. Ricky sent me three samples of some of the stuff she has available, including a ring, a barrette, and cufflinks (that I’d like to fight my husband for — seriously, they rock!)

Here are some photos that I took of my new scores:

Hair clip:

Cufflinks — super cool!


There’s a lot of eye candy in this store, and it’s great for father’s day too (hint hint) or for your boyfriend or girlfriend (or self!) any day of the year.

A better image:

Why it rocks: It’s different, unique, and a lot of fun to look at. With all those little nooks and crannies, you’re staring at the items for ages wondering how they were all put together.

Thanks Ricky! 🙂

One Response to “Geek Culture on Your Fingers, Cuffs, Hair, or Ears”

  1. Crede Sandalow says...

    This stuff is pretty neat. A far cry from the lame bottle openers and free thermoses your mooching and displaying on your site. This stuff is awesome, why have I not seen this before?