A Whole Lot of ePromos Schwag 17th January, 2008

Wow. So this huge box was brought in today and let me say that I’m so thankful to ePromos (an inspiration behind this blog) for their awesome promotional products.

Here are 3 promotional bags:

ePromos Bag
ePromos Backback
ePromos Bag

Then there’s a branded water bottle:

ePromos Water Bottle

Here are two leather picture frames:

ePromos Picture Block
ePromos Picture Frame

And now, for the rain, an ePromos umbrella:

ePromos Umbrella

Of course, everyone owns promotional pens, but how many of them can boast sweet-looking cases that can double as storage for sunglasses?

ePromos Pen

Also, in the box was this awesome fleece and nylon branded banket with a pocket for goodies:

ePromos Blanket with Storage

For the summer, a nice pocket fan awaits me.

ePromos Fan

Now I can play some poker at home with these playing cards and branded protective covers:

ePromos Playing Card

And finally, jellybeans (from Jelly Belly, of course) and a promotional mug:

ePromos Jellybeans and Mug

So wow, ePromos, I’d hereby sign up for your monthly giveaways. And I’d like to thank you for this awesome goody bag. Thanks again to Mark for making it happen!

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