Schwag Addict Contest: Win a Google Fridge

Golfer and Internet Marketer Dan Perry has an awesome ton piece of schwag he wants to give away. Sure, I want it (I’m not going to lie), but instead, we decided it would be in all fairness to start the first Schwag Addict contest.

The winner gets a box…

Google Fridge Box

Inside that box is a really awesome fridge:

Google Fridge

Google Fridge: Innards

Want to see more? Watch the whole video in its entirety and you’ll see how amazing this fridge is (and I still won’t lie. I want it!)

So, how can you win this?

Create a blog post or page on your website that links back to Dan Perry’s official post on the contest so that he gets a trackback and knows you’re in the running. Then, leave a comment on this post to let solidify your vote. What’s the entry? Explain what you’d do with a Google Fridge. The most creative answer (even if you don’t actually apply these creative skills) wins.

In case you missed that, there are 2 steps:

  1. Create a page that links to Dan’s contest on his blog explaining what you’d do with a Google Fridge.
  2. Write a comment here letting us know that you’ve entered in the contest.

We have 4 judges for the contest, so the more unique your answer is, the better your chances are to win a piece of Cooler Thinking in your car (yes, this baby is portable), office, or kitchen. The contest will run until Monday, January 14th. Until then, think hard, write your blog post, and maybe you’ll win a piece of serious awesome Google schwag from the very generous Dan.

Good luck, and may the most creative entry win!

Update January 15: Hey guys. The contest is now closed. We’ll be announcing winners next week. Thanks for your entries!

69 thoughts on “Schwag Addict Contest: Win a Google Fridge”

  1. Well, here in Brazil we are in summer now. The temperature is so high that I can’t sleep at night.
    I’m using a fan, but it doesn’t help because the air inside my bedroom is very hot…
    But, if I use this fridge, I will have how to keep my bedroom with an ideal temperature to sleep… I’m going to put the fridge with the door open in front of the fan and I will get a very good cold air…
    Well… It’s not impossible! This fridge is from google!!!

    Please Dan, help me to have a good sleep at night! 🙂

    Thanks a lot


  2. Whr are the results.. Its been long and we cant discover what happened after contests closed.. Please update us from an update on the post.. We are just curious.. And excited.. Thanks

  3. If I win I will use it to put soda and left over candy in it.I really need this becauase my mom does not like me putting my sodas in her fridge.I really home u pick me and I win the mini google fridge.please pick me. :):):):):)

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