Dan Perry’s Schwag Bag 6th February, 2008

Last month, I blogged about Dan Perry’s Google Fridge Giveaway, of which I was a judge (among other things). 😉 Well, in case you haven’t checked out the blog announcement, Dan has chosen a winner: John Honeck. The cool thing is that John now has a refrigerator, but he’s going to give it to me eventually.

In any event, since I helped organize the contest, Dan sent me some schwag which includes a ton of awesome stuff:

Dan Perry's Schwag Bag #1
Dan Perry's Schwag Bag #2
Dan Perry's Schwag Bag #3

Didja see the impossible-to-find Ask Jeeves stuff? 🙂

Well, here’s another shirt that will never be made again:

Ask Jeeves Classic Shirt

Also, another shirt from the Google Dance in 2005 (note: my first Google Dance was 2007).

Google Dance 2005 T-Shirt

Some hats:

Hats from Dan Perry

Finally, Dan hooked me up with a Google lava lamp! I’ve never owned one of these things but I’ve mentioned before that I love desk toys. This one is hot!

Google Lava Lamp

Thanks Dan Perry!

3 Responses to “Dan Perry’s Schwag Bag”

  1. John Honeck says...

    I’m working on a pictorial of my life with Googlerator (that’s what I named her) but real life keeps getting in the way!

    I must have completely forgotten that I’m supposed to send it to you, let me get on that.

  2. Tamar Weinberg says...

    haha John, you really don’t have to. You won it, after all!

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