Hot Google Pen 6th May, 2008

Ty Downing from Red VW Bus and Perspective Internet Marketing from North Carolina sent me a really nice piece of schwag that I didn’t get at SMX West. I guess you can’t be everywhere at once. My goal is to capture every piece of Google schwag that’s available though (are you listening?) 😉 (You too, John!)

The cool part about this is that it’s a rocket pen — when the lights are off and you turn the pen on, you get a cool red light.

And in the off position, it just looks super sweet.

Thanks, Ty, for this nice little present, and for the amazing followup. You’re too kind, and I really appreciate it!

5 Responses to “Hot Google Pen”

  1. Ty says...

    Tamar, thanks for the shout out! You don’t need to be everywhere at conferences when you have people looking out after you!
    Love your techipedia site too..

  2. sandy says...

    Tamar I love your site! This is SO cool….real neat stuff.
    I want one of those ‘Google’ pens…. tell Ty to send me one too!
    🙂 Sandy
    You go girl!!!!!

  3. juliann says...

    I was wondering if you know where they got these from? We would love to give these out as corporate gifts!!!
    please let me know.

  4. Tamar Weinberg says...

    Juliann, the information you’ve requested is in the post. It was at a conference (SMX West). A guy named Ty gave it to me.

    You have to go to the events, I suppose. Or you can check the Google Store for similar items.

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