i can haz cool pinz 3rd June, 2008

If you like LOLcats, you’ll love icanhascheezburger. Run by my two friends, Eric Nakagawa and Ben Huh, this site is one of the most popular sites on the internetz due to the user-generated content and hilarious pictures. The idea behind ICHC is to caption your cat photos. And wow, they’re hilariously funny. Ben tells me that they actually post about 1% of all cat photo submissions. Crazy!

In any event, ICHC has a bunch of cool schwag, including t-shirts and pins. The pins rock. Take a look.

The T-shirts need to be found, and once they are, I’ll revisit ICHC on a schwag addict blog post again. 🙂

One Response to “i can haz cool pinz”

  1. bre says...

    i want these so bad but im afraid that they will be gone when i finaly can get them