IHeartCavemen.com Romantic Candle Set 2nd June, 2008

At the recent South by Southwest event in March, Rana Sobhany, Eric Litman, and Peter Corbett helped coordinate one of the coolest parties with the Geico caveman. No, seriously. The event was coordinated in preparation for the launch of iHeartCavemen, a brand new dating site.

Here’s the caveman with my friend Seth. It was Seth’s birthday.

Here he is with Rana:

(Photo courtesy of Peter Corbett)

The party was great, the caveman was unable to get through the wall of fans that followed him everywhere he went (upstairs, downstairs, it didn’t matter), and there was schwag to be had. This candle set came from the party:

Thanks to Julia Allison for letting me take your candle set home. 😉

More photos from the party are listed at Peter’s blog. Try to look for Robert Scoble, Caroline McCarthy, Pete Cashmore, iJustine, and other web celebrities.

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