Water Bottles Among Us 21st January, 2008

People love water bottles. I personally am a fan of the Nalgene-type bottles that have measurements on the side. I remember when those things didn’t exist and my bottle would leak all over my backpack. Now, marketers have gotten smarter, and the result: very cool water bottles from many companies.

Below, three bottles that I received at a recent conference.

The first one comes from Revenue.Net, a direct navigation search marketing platform.

Revenue.Net Water Bottle

The second bottle comes from Kontera, an in-text advertiser. I won it in a contest, actually.

Kontera Water Bottle

The final one isn’t a Nalgene-type bottle, so if someone sits on it, it will probably break. However, it comes from Marchex, a local search agency that my good friend Matt works for. 😉

Marchex Water Bottle

2 Responses to “Water Bottles Among Us”

  1. Lisa Barone says...

    The Marchex water bottle is great because its hearty size means I don’t have to get up every 5 minutes to refill. However, I have to use a straw to drink out of it because the opening is too small to fit my nose and I end up pouring the entire thing all of myself. They should fix that for the next batch!

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