Oh Nuts! Kosher Candy Schwag 14th February, 2008

Oh! Nuts, a really awesome totally Kosher candy store based in New York, sent me this awesome Purim basket of candy schwag.

Oh! Nuts Candy Schwag

Included in the batch: raspberry flavored Hamentashen (just in time for the Purim holiday), bubblegum flavored jelly beans, JalapeƱo pistachios, rock candy, smoked almonds, and roasted flavored mixed Jordan almonds.

Thanks guys!

8 Responses to “Oh Nuts! Kosher Candy Schwag”

  1. Hovern says...

    I like the point that you could find every thing for purim under one shopping center baskets, hamentashen, gifts, supplies, candy, chocolate, party favors & grape juice
    this is complete guide for Purim shopping
    I am just wondering why they don’t sell masks

  2. Tamar Weinberg says...

    The masks would have to be edible, then!

  3. Hovern says...

    they do offer a Chocolate Mask I was Requiring about the real masc for the Purim party

  4. Hovern says...

    I like when you have one place to buy every thing!
    they are the only one i found yet offering every thing i need for my Purim shopping
    (i am not talking about meat, that i buy in the local grocery i mean all the specialties)

  5. Leora says...

    Wow, really need to make raspberry hamentashen this year! Sounds delish!

  6. elie says...

    Wow, Oh Nuts. That takes me back to Avenue J.

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