Search Marketing Gurus Sticky Guy 15th August, 2008

Remember being a kid and finding those sticky slimy things that you’d throw against the wall (and watch as the residue stuck to it while the toy’s adhesiveness got less and less sticky?) Well, I have one! Yay!

Thanks to Li Evans of blog Search Marketing Gurus, I have a sticky guy that is reminiscent of my childhood when I got in trouble for throwing these things against the wallpaper.

A suggestion for all of you who plan on using this: windows are best.

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  1. John Watkins says...

    Nice blog!

    I’m Johnnywatkins on Digg and have just added you as a friend. I hope that you’ll consider doing the same.

    I’m a pretty busy digger and would be more than happy to help out in any way I can. Hope to run into you soon!