Cool SXSW Schwag 30th April, 2008

There was a ton of schwag at South by Southwest (SXSW), so I had to be selective about what I brought home. In other words, I avoided the magazines and pamphlets (because as I already mentioned, my luggage required a $20 fee to haul down the heavier stuff — which includes about 30 shirts to be posted soon!).

Here were the better items in the registration bag:

This includes a lanyard from Fuze (which, if you’ve never tried it, is pretty good), a coupon for one free Fuze drink (not pictured), a Fuze guitar pick (one of many guitar picks that I came across at the conference), an O’Reilly Games and Puzzles book, an iContact sticker, an Ask500 sticker, an Opera browser cup thingy, and a Soma FM sticker.

The bag was designed by Hugh MacLeod of Gaping Void who offers cartoons drawn on the back of business cards — usually.



I sat in on one of Hugh’s sessions (maybe his only one?) and I still have to post the liveblog of it on my social media blog.

2 Responses to “Cool SXSW Schwag”

  1. Joe Philipson says...

    sweet, you got an sticker… w00t!