SXSW T-Shirts 30th April, 2008

So as I said, I brought home a lot of t-shirts from SXSW. Here’s a picture of me holding everything:

After the jump, check out the rest of the shirts:

From Axiom Stack:

From AMD:

Here’s a shirt I wore at the event for Mashable:


I didn’t attend Austin BarCamp, but I wish I did. Thankfully, my friend Geri Druckman hooked me up with a cool Tee…

or two…

UStream and Veoh had a cool booth and this shirt came along with it.

I like Media Temple. Usually. When my blog is up. It wasn’t so good on the night of April 27th. 🙁

Raincity Studios has created Drupal. They also have a cool photographer on board named Kris Krug. You still owe me pics, kk+ 😉

(Cool shirt, eh?)

WineLibaryTV is hosted by a very personable and super sweet guy named Gary Vaynerchuk, and of course, he had schwag. Here’s his shirt:

I found these shirts in the same bag where I found my WineLibaryTV shirt. Maybe Gary knows what these are all about…

MapQuest came out with some cool new features and also had a super cool booth at SXSW:

AOL’s Developer Network had some cool shirts that I had to keep coming back for.

This one says “you there?”

Oh right, and Google OpenSocial had some shirts too. I thank Eric from ICHC for this score.

If you like animals, you’d like O’Reilly’s shirts:

This is a cool colored BlogTalkRadio shirt:

My friend Brian Solis has a cool site called He handed out shirts to remind us of what we’re missing.

Utterz had its own shirt too:

As did Kyte:

Facebook had an event that I didn’t attend so all I got was this lousy T-shirt. Sweet 🙂 (No, seriously. I love me some Facebook schwag)

Opera gave away two shirts to celebrate its web browser:

Some SXSW film festival booth gave away this shirt but I don’t know who they are.

I also need the TEAM ANNE shirt to complete the set. 🙁

Microsoft adCenter had a cool long-sleeved tee:

I found this IMEEM shirt at a party.

So, which shirt is your favorite?

8 Responses to “SXSW T-Shirts”

  1. Fumi Matsubara says...

    OMG, total schwag overload! You can start a tshirt store!

  2. Michael D says...

    OK, those Mashable hands are pretty cool. Could come in handy at an AC/DC concert (or SMX event).

    Looks like you have just about enough stuff to open a small shop selling schwag for insanely high prices. 🙂

    Going to Barcamp San Diego this week, let’s see if there’s more to add to you piles of goodness.

  3. homard says...

    there is so many great shirts!!

  4. BarbaraKB says...

    can i haz the “content is king but marketing is queen” t-shirt? pleeeez 😉

  5. DaveO - Raincity Studios says...

    I thought our Raincity Studios Darth Drupal shirts would be popular but they were insanely popular! At the party we put on at Iron Cactus, i had hundreds and thought i’d be hauling half of them home but there was a manic feeding frenzy and they were all swept up in 10 minutes – i didn’t even get one! The designer Steve is brewing up some more Stars Wars inspired Drupal art for shirts for next year so make sure to come by again.

  6. Tamar Weinberg says...

    Dave, I will try. That shirt rocked!

    It was nice meeting you at SXSW too! btw, tell Kris to finish uploading those pictures he took at SXSW!

  7. Nish says...

    This is insane all for free?

  8. Tamar Weinberg says...

    Yup – all free. I don’t even collect t-shirts from events anymore unless I *love* the shirt or product. I’ve donated most of the shirts in the photos above to a few places though.