Yoono Briefs — Yes, Literally 17th October, 2008

Earlier this week, I shared my HerRoom panties with you all. Was HerRoom the only company to provide me with articles of clothing that I’ll never actually pose in (except perhaps on my head?) Nope! Enter Yoono, the browser socialization tool. In a nutshell, Yoono is a free service that not only does basic bookmark synchronization but also lets you interface with your friends across your Internet sessions. Using this nifty plugin, you can follow your friends, discover new content, and chat with your buddies.

With such a cool program, you can imagine that the Yoono team is also pretty cool in other ways. Consider this piece of schwag from Yoono’s Social Media Camp NYC:

You guessed right: you’re looking at briefs for him and her.

I had a great time this summer, so thanks all of the Yoono guys who made it happen (and Erica O’Grady who also rocks!)

One Response to “Yoono Briefs — Yes, Literally”

  1. Adam Jackson says...

    Well then. I saw you posting these to your Flickr page a few weeks ago. I’m glad you enjoyed our cool Schwag! If you’ll be needing any more just let us know.

    also, that wristband glows in the dark.