Baveo Jacket 5th August, 2009

I have a billion t-shirts, and I do happen to still collect those with awesome designs. As for some of the others, especially the ones that don’t fit, let me be frank and say that I donate those to charity.

But some folks send along pretty awesome things that won’t be sent away at all. The Baveo (pronounced bavy-oh, where the bavy sounds like baby) jacket is one of those. Founder Ari Greenberg, a good friend, hooked me up. He also hooked up the baby with his own jacket, but I have to get that jacket from Ari in due time so that I can pose before the little one outgrows it!

Baveo is a blogging platform for parents who want to share their baby with the rest of the world. You can share your registry, count down until the baby’s birth, post photos from your mobile phone, and more. Oh, of course I used it! Will I share the URL? Nope — that’s for friends and family. 😉

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