gdgt geek 12th August, 2009

I’m a computer nerd, and I have about 5TB of storage across all computers I use (more than 3). I’m also a gadget geek. So I was very excited when gdgt, a site all about gadgets (you all should join!), was launched in July.

I also got some stickers that I was able to have posing with some of the hard drives. In case you’re wondering, there’s a USB hub there, a router, the Addonics IDE to USB hard drive enclosure (4 IDE hard drives are stored within), my cable modem, and two OneTouch USB hard drives by Maxtor.

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  1. Kye Swenson says...

    With all those TB’s you almost have a mini super-computer! By the way, I saw a Youtube video recently about a cool application that helps save a lot of memory on your computer. Here it is if anyone wants to check it out: