My First Pair of Crocs 7th October, 2009

Crocs have been hyped around the world, and for good reason. Thanks to George G. Smith Jr, I am now the proud new owner of the Malindi version of the shoe, and let me just say that they are comfortable, stylish, lightweight, and fun to wear.

Here’s a picture of them:

I’m really hard to please when it comes to shoes. (Contrary to most females on this planet, I own very few pairs of shoes myself.) But I really liked the fact that they don’t add weight to suitcases and that they are easy to put on and off. And I can say with absolute certainty that you don’t need to break into them. They just work.

Further, for someone looking for a good looking shoe for the Yom Kippur holiday, which just passed, there are a LOT of stylish Crocs shoe options for you. Crocs are made of PCCR, which has two benefits. On Yom Kippur, you’re not allowed to wear leather shoes. A lot of people wear white Keds. (They don’t go with black suits or pants.) Fortunately, that’s no longer necessary. You can wear Crocs and actually look like you adequately planned for the holiday, a fact that I actually greatly appreciated last Monday. Another benefit of PCCR is odor elimination. These things don’t smell, and try hard to prevent your feet from sweating. They do a pretty darn good job too.

I always thought I’d grow up wearing sneakers, because that’s what I do. I now know I can mix it up a little bit. Thanks to the door George opened into my world, I’m definitely not done buying Crocs.

2 Responses to “My First Pair of Crocs”

  1. George G Smith Jr says...

    Thanks Tamar! All we ask is that people give our products a try!

    Glad you liked them!

  2. Macala Wright says...

    Tamar – those are really cute on you’re feet.