Wiley Luggage Tags 18th January, 2010

Pretty sweet – Here’s a luggage tag that I scored at SXSW 09 that displays, “everybody loves a Geeky Girl.” I happen to consider myself a geek.

3 Responses to “Wiley Luggage Tags”

  1. Gail from GrowMap says...

    My favorite schwag is something I use regularly to remind me to recommend a company I admire. Pens and mouse pads are best for that. When I attended conferences I always scored pens from each company I wanted to check out later.

    I keep them in a container on my desk and pull them out when I’m emailing, chatting or on the phone with someone who can use their services or when I’m working on new blog posts. I need to hook up with someone who still goes to conferences and have my fav companies give them an extra pen or mousepad to ship to me.

    Companies should never underestimate the power of having their company name, URL and phone number at the fingertips of those who are most interested in recommending them!

  2. Harry says...

    too bad not everyone loves a geeky guy =/

  3. Tamar Weinberg says...

    I married a geeky guy!