Samsung ML-2525W 28th March, 2011

I just received the amazing Samsung ML-2525W from The package was an affordable $57.99, which included toner. Given how expensive printer cartridges are ($100+), getting the printer in the mix is oh-so-awesome. I now have 3 computer printers, though this was an upgrade from an earlier Samsung ML-2010 and I’m keeping this (and donating the latter).

As a parent with a printer that’s somewhat within baby arm’s reach (I don’t have other options for printer storage, unfortunately), here’s why the ML-2525W is so much more awesome than the ML-2010: 1) when he was younger, my son would stick Cheerios in the printer mostly because he could. I don’t really know why, and he knows now that touching the printer is wrong, but he did it regularly around the age of 9 months as a little mischievous baby. The ML-2525 has an enclosed area so there’s no way you can possibly stick any items inside. 2) The paper was covered by a removable gray piece of plastic. Again, the little one would take that plastic and play with it no matter what. He also stepped on it and it snapped in half a few weeks ago. It was a real bummer. The ML-2525W doesn’t have any visible removable parts, so little hands won’t get into no good. I consider this, therefore, a great parenting computer printer. 🙂

But there’s more. It was easy to set up and it’s a fully WiFi printer. That means you can connect to it wirelessly from a multitude of computers, and this was a huge deal to me. Having the flexibility to print from another room is super. The only catch is that you’re told you need to use wired connectivity for setting up the printer when it actually meant wired USB, not wired ethernet. But that’s a minor detail at the end of the day.

Thanks to for the printer — you guys saved the day!

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