Logitech UE 700 Headphones Review 6th August, 2012

It’s been awhile!

Today, I’m presenting the Logitech UE 700 headphones.

These are by far the best headphones I have ever owned.

Before I had the UE700s, I was a Shure aficionado. Or so I thought. I heard about them for ages, splurged the over $100 for a pair of Shure headphones. They were supposedly the best headphones around.

I’ll be completely honest when I say that my friend at Logitech hooked me up with UE700s. I had anxiously anticipated them for the longest time. I wish I didn’t have to, but I’m happy to say maybe 2 years later now that it was worth the wait. (I hope Ultimate Ears considers this review worth the wait.)

EVERYTHING sounds golden with UE 700 headphones. The quality of music in my ears has gone up tremendously. I can hear every harmony and every instrument more than I ever have before. I wish I could explain to someone who has never had a decent pair of headphones what they’d come to expect with a pair of UE700 headphones, but you won’t know — you won’t appreciate — the beauty of these headphones until you put them in your ears and give them a listen.

The headphones are truly lightweight. They’re comfortable (and come with a 5 pairs little earbuds for the perfect ear fit), and the sound is just crystal clear. They also come with a little case as pictured. If I had to disclose my only gripe about this product, it’s the fear of losing those earbuds. Sometimes they do fall off in my purse, so I started carrying around the plastic case to ensure that I was keeping track of the headphones at all times. I also use the figure 8 wrapping method to make sure my headphones don’t tangle.

There was a time when I didn’t listen to my headphones for awhile as I stayed home in the last few weeks of my second pregnancy and then laid low following the birth of my daughter. Sometimes I just don’t get out to sit on the subway and take a good listen of music. After every single hiatus from my headphones, going back to them is one of the best gifts in life. There simply is no more beautiful sound (of music!) in the world as there is from these headphones. They really are some great earbuds, and I wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone interested in giving them a try. You will NOT be disappointed.

2 Responses to “Logitech UE 700 Headphones Review”

  1. Kim says...

    There are so many headphones these days that are made with big inserts. Those would definitely not stay in my ears. I finally found some headphones (with a microphone) for my Android that stay in my ears and work really well. I got them at the Verizon store. If you need smaller inserts, I have just the product suggestion. Feel free to contact me for that suggestion. I don’t want to take away from your promotion of this product. I know that a lot of these products come with different sized inserts, however that’s not good enough, it’s still too big. It’s the design of the inserts that is the problem.

  2. Tamar Weinberg says...

    Kim, I have small ears and it fits just fine. Without trying them, you really can’t say they don’t work. That’s not fair at all.

    Either way, you can use any inserts you want with these if you feel the 5 pairs that come with these don’t work – you’ll still get amazing quality audio.