Sumo Beanbag Chairs = Best Beanbags Ever 8th December, 2008

The week before I relocated (which was early September), I received a huge box from bean bag chair company Sumo Lounge. Now mixing boxes and more boxes together meant that I’d have a lot of things to unpack, but eventually I got around to enjoying this most awesome beanbag chair.

That’s me wearing warm clothes for Thanksgiving… in, of course, a Sumo Lounge bean bag chair!

The pictured bean bag chair is a Sumo Omni and I’d call it the best bean bag chair ever (yes, it beats the Google beanbag chair I wrote about earlier by far!). The material is rip-proof nylon, which some have inquired about — honestly, it’s probably the best material for a beanbag chair especially because it’s easier to manage and clean. It’s also incredibly comfortable and can be arranged in 8 positions (or so they’ve found). There are 10 colors available (do you like the midnight blue I got?) and it’s a whole lot of fun.

All in all, I highly recommend the Sumo Omni. It’s an incredibly versatile and super comfortable beanbag chair which would make a great addition to your dorm room, home, or office.

2 Responses to “Sumo Beanbag Chairs = Best Beanbags Ever”

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  2. Lisa from Ahh Products says...

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